Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lazy Bum

That's me. What I am. A lazy Bum. So I've been busy making and baking in the kitchen the past 3 weeks since my last post, don't get me wrong. But nothing new. All oldies but goodies. Maybe while you're running to Target for the 12th time in one day or reviewing your child's speaking part one last time before the school program, you're not thinking about dinner. Let me help you. Here's what I've been making lately. They're not new, but the fact that somebody else did the hard part (actually picking out what to make) consider this my Christmas present to you.
You're welcome. More new stuff to come soon, I PROMISE!!

Recently we've enjoyed: Honey Lime Enchiladas and black bean salsa

Baked ziti and breadsticks

I've made this creamy chicken and wild rice soup twice in the past month.

When my in-laws were here, we loved this chicken ole. I made the whole batch, not half.

My mom has been raving about the baked oatmeal and wants it everyday.

Next week we're having friends over for some chili and cornbread.

To one friend I've sent a loaf of coconut bread, and in another box to some soldiers overseas I mailed some loaded peanut butter cookies and peanut butter toffee cookies.

Just to eat and have around the house, I've made some peppermint bark and fantasy fudge.